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There are many online casinos as well as online casino games. At the same time, there are many review sites that takes a look at these online casinos. Reviews are usually to ensure that the casinos are honest enough in terms money matters and other aspects.

HonestCasinos.com has provided a platform to compare these online casinos side by side. The site offers several information like casino’s reviews, top 30 sites according to the rankings and some guides for playing in online casinos. At the same time, the site’s most functional section is the FAQs that help customers.

Casino Review: The casinos are checked in terms of the software, payout methods and they also have player’s comments. They have useful information like payout amounts and rates, bonus methods, graphics, software designs as well as number of games and game reviews.

The top 30 sites: The casino reviews are focused on these 30 sites, which also provide links to the sites. There are shortened versions of the review as well as detailed ones for deeper review. Although, the top 10 is more recommended.

Guide for Online Playing: The site offers an insider look of some of the online casinos website’s scrupulous practices. This goes as boldly stating that there are at least 50 per cent of online casinos that may be ‘defrauding’ its customers. They also have detailed versions of how some bonuses work. There are also some details that inform the readers of the differences of land based and online casinos.

Gambling information: This involves information about betting systems and sports system advices. There are also different gambling tips for specific games. Game tips are for baccarat, craps, pokers, online slot machine, video poker and roulettes.

FAQs: This is where they actually state on how they review their recommended sites. Thus, they have a three-fold criterion. One is honesty and safety, then, customer support. On the far last is the fun factor that the casinos provide. Another important part of their FAQ section is the information on how to fight off the online casinos on their outright dishonest activities.

Contact information: The site offers a chance to the players to review the site with sharing their own experience and at the same time, any private information can be shared through a secure form to be filled up.

Overall the site is very informative and is useful. The information are also updated and up to some extent honest.